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Cold Tool Chase

I rode today with temperatures between 31° and 38° F, with a firm breeze from the north. The only real problem I had was that riding in the cold like that makes me just a tad light-headed. While my new … Continue reading

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Galen on Christians

Just rattling my own cage here… I spotted an article this morning by Bionic Mosquito on Early Church History. He points out that we can learn a little about how Roman intelligentsia viewed Christian faith and its Hebrew roots from … Continue reading

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Lenin, Globalism and Babylon

This is worth your time: Leninthink. I won’t tell you that this essay is right or wrong, but that will enlighten heart-led people. It puts in concrete terms what Lenin actually did. He was the ultimate Thelamite, the very real … Continue reading

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Own the Solutions

As the billionaires flex their power to censor the Internet, our strategy is two-fold. First is the issue of technology. They can hinder the masses, but they can’t stop everyone. More precisely, the cost of blocking the masses is relatively … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Augustine?

(This is a cross-post from my other blog.) A fundamental element in my personal sense of calling is putting the gospel message in reach of everyone. There are plenty of good servants of God who helped me along the way; … Continue reading

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Redeeming Creation

It is unlikely that anyone with actual authority is going to hear what we have to say. Our fundamental orientation on reality is at odds with every single human authority on this earth. We can assert that our position is … Continue reading

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Economists Ruin Everything

The birth of modern academic economics is the fault of Adam Smith. He was a philosopher who blathered about a lot of things. To this day, much of economic theory comes from his writings, and it has always been marginally … Continue reading

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