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Yeah, I’m Excited about Bikepacking

Not that I would ever believe I’ve thought of everything, but for the past two days I’ve been working over the bike and the stuff I should carry. The stuff is mostly packed up on the bike already. This is … Continue reading

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End of the Kiln

The time has come: I’m shutting down Kiln of the Soul ministries. Feel free to steal that name. This has nothing to do with the Radix Fidem covenant, or either of my blogs. Anyone who contacts me needing pastoral guidance … Continue reading

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Why the Quiet

I’m being quiet because there’s nothing to say right now. The reason there’s nothing to say is because I’m quite certain we have a major crisis on top of us. That doesn’t mean it’s locked on target, but if things … Continue reading

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Admin: Router Failing (Resolved)

After evaluating minor problems with networking here at home, I conclude that our router is starting to fail. It’s not dead, but it seems to be fading slowly. We don’t have the money to buy another right now. If you … Continue reading

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63 and Counting

Today is my 63rd birthday. Sometime later this morning I’ll ride my bike down to the park and engage in a fairly hard workout. Later today I’ll probably go to one of my favorite restaurants and order a plate of … Continue reading

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FYI: Changing Back to Flip Phone

My life is not amenable to smart phones. If I carry it where I can’t lose it, then I also can’t hear it. If I carry where I can hear it, I am likely to lose it. Today I lost … Continue reading

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Stay Close

I can’t easily put in words what I’m feeling right now. All I can say is cling to your faith right now, folks. Stand close to each other as much as you know how.

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