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Seeing It Clearly from the Outside

It’s one thing to see clearly how the ideological clash between American nationalism versus globalism works. It’s another thing to recognize that following Christ means both sides are evil. By the way, it’s utterly reasonable to portray both major political … Continue reading

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Allied Site

I want to let you know about an allied blog: Unto the Shedding of Blood. The title is a reference to Hebrews 12:4, noting that the blog aims to prepare believers for handling persecution. My understanding is that it is … Continue reading

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Persecution Is No Joke

I’m going to violate terms of service: I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not … Continue reading

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They Are Without a Covenant

God speaks to His covenant family. Everyone else is cattle He herds; the demons are His cowboys. If you want to claim a heritage in the Covenant, then you cannot make common cause with the cattle. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading

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Growing Faith, Not an Organization

The record is clear: God hates centralization of human society and government. All you need is to look at the Tower of Babel. The meaning of that story is that any effort to centralize human culture, religion and government will … Continue reading

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My Own Little World

I’m not a gamer; I don’t much care to play most video games on computers or game consoles. The abbreviation for the primary market for these games is in RPGs — role playing games. The popular ones strike me as … Continue reading

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Like a Virtual Catacombs

Early Christians living in Rome were in a peculiar context. Their government was destined to increase persecution against their religion, and God wasn’t going to take Rome down for several centuries yet. This is not much like our situation in … Continue reading

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Approaching the Nineveh Moment

As always, I’ll warn you that I could be just a madman, but this is an honest report of what believe. I can’t say whether Trump would actually declare martial law, but I do know that he would be a … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Radix Fidem 01

Radix Fidem is my commitment, so that means I’m committed to shepherd everyone who embraces that covenant. Stop for just a moment. Close your eyes; take a deep slow breath inward, hold it just a second, then let it all … Continue reading

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Bridging the Two Realms

Of all the pernicious teachings I confront so often is the foul doctrine of false unity. The preacher thrusts his finger in the air and with grave assertion says, “Until the church unifies on the gospel truth, the world will … Continue reading

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