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The Nature of Nationalism

This is another get-to-know-me. God reveals Himself as an Eastern feudal lord. That’s the best way to understand how He reigns over His Creation. It’s a personal feudal relationship. If you understand that at all, you understand a primary need … Continue reading

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More Random Stuff

A witless comedian has complained about God. The only reasonable answer to fools like that is: God didn’t make the world like this. The world He made was wonderful; it was Eden. The problems with this world are our making. … Continue reading

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Behind My Fiction

Call it what it is. People need health care. There is no way in Hell the US economy can support what the people could use, so the only question is how much is “enough” to be worth the trouble. The … Continue reading

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Mysticism and Moral Reality

It’s one thing for me to teach Biblical Law, offering it as the ideal for human existence. It’s quite a different thing for me to suggest choices we might make in the current context. And it is yet again something … Continue reading

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Not Grumpy, Just Realistic

If you think Microsoft is treating their users bad by firing their entire quality assurance team and foisting alpha and beta ware on everyone, or their Orwellian snooping built into the OS, and the forced advertising, you should see how … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 119 — Shin 161-168

(Reblogged here in full because of brevity; original post.) This octet celebrates the Serenity of the Law, for obedience to God is its own reward. This isn’t just ordinary folks, but powerful nobles have brought pressure to bear on the … Continue reading

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Keeping it Real

I’m hoping I can draw a rather complete image for you in terms of moral implications. It’s too easy to be drawn off course by propaganda. Let me recall to your mind The Cult. Let’s remind ourselves that it’s a … Continue reading

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