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Admin: PayPal and Stuff

I was wondering what would come next. I’ve discussed in the past various theoretical threats to this blog. I’ve tried to offer warnings and guidelines on how to handle it. For example, I’ve said that if this blog is ever … Continue reading

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Totally Independent

In response to an offline query… It would be great if there were more donations to my PayPal account. To be honest, there aren’t any real needs, so unless you simply feel moved, I’m frankly going to tell you this … Continue reading

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Stand By; We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Something a little amusing for your Sunday morning… So we have this generous donation from one of our readers and we can’t spend it. I’m not sure if I should blame PayPal or the vendors. However, I do know that … Continue reading

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Mission Support

Sometimes it is downright disturbing how folks in ministry beg for offerings. It remains one of slimiest aspects of religion today. Most of what any of us could see sickens me, but I worked behind the scenes to see how … Continue reading

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