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Why There Is No Valid Orthodoxy

Everything held forth as “Christian orthodoxy” is a lie. God revealed Himself. The context of that revelation was the ancient Hebrew culture, which includes the language and the intellectual traditions behind that language. Not the Hebrew language as a vehicle … Continue reading

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Pray for Secession

Take the long view; think in terms of generations and centuries of human existence. Try to see how God does things on such a broad scale. We are at another Tower of Babel. Pray that God strikes once more against … Continue reading

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Lord, Move This Mountain

Let’s tie up some loose ends. Why does Christian Mysticism preclude any of us taking the lead in politics? Because without a valid covenant in place, we cannot preside over human politics. Without Biblical Law, we cannot spread our covering … Continue reading

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Peace in This World Not Possible

I’ve been blessed by some great emails in the past few days. They have provoked me to share something. God created all that is. The Bible is parabolic about the mechanism, but we are given the image of someone who … Continue reading

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Teachings of Christ — John 12:20-36

Prior to the coming of Christ, the path of redemption back to Eden was quite demanding. Even for Israel, it was pretty tough. It usually meant studying the Covenant of Moses and seeking God’s face until the light dawned inside … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Anthropology

6. Anthropology Westerners in general, and Americans in particular, are bound under a horrific, demonic mythology about the heart. It’s far more than an organ that pumps blood through you body. Even scientists know that the heart has its own … Continue reading

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Parable of the Bridge

He stood on the road, surveying the damage. Somewhere upland from here the flooding had pushed something in place that blocked its original course, and the overflow had run across his land. It carved out a massive channel that left … Continue reading

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A Few Returning to Eden

Consider the logic: If mankind is fallen, then nothing mankind dreams up will work in the long run. Do you not find it strange that a vast swath of Westerners claim to believe in the Fall, but nothing they do … Continue reading

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Law and Faith Together 02

Don’t try to make a parable walk on all-fours. Hebrew parable is the opposite of Western descriptive language. Whereas the latter seeks to encode discrete ideas that are the same in all contexts, parable seeks to offer imagery that adjusts … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 20:1-16

This parable continues the context in the previous chapter. The Pharisees resented how Jesus was inviting the poor and unfortunate peasants into His teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven. This was part of the false doctrine that possessing material wealth … Continue reading

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