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On Being Available

Don’t believe the propaganda. Don’t surrender your mind to the Enemy. The protests claim to be local and ad hoc. That’s a lie. See: Intelligence Gathering at Protests. I can vouch for the methods described; it’s pretty much what I … Continue reading

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Boundaries with Women

There are women who don’t demand control. I’ve gotten more than one response to my post on the Bitch Goddess. The post was aimed at the Satanic corruption of womanhood, not womanhood itself. The Lord made woman from the same … Continue reading

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This We Must Defend

The Tower of Babel stands in Scripture as the ultimate example of how bad things can be in this fallen world. It was a government that preyed on people to enslave them to impossible dreams, to pull humanity down to … Continue reading

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Who Shall Believe Their Report?

We live in a fairly civilized world today. Most of humanity at least gives lip service to the idea of human rights. We put a lot of stock in education. There was a time in history when things like geometry … Continue reading

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No Good Politics

In response to a query… I should have thought this was obvious by now: Jesus was neither conservative nor liberal in the context of His own day. In both religious and political terms, the Pharisees were the dominant conservatives. The … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 5

Let’s take a moment to throw out some junk doctrine. Let’s go back and search for truth among the eternal perspectives of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) peoples, of whom Israel was one nation. That was the setting God built … Continue reading

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God’s Truth Never Changes

If you have a short attention span, this is too long; don’t read it (TL;DR). Sometimes it takes a bit of verbal struggle to gather loose ends. This post offers little that’s new in content. It’s just a refresh of … Continue reading

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BLDJ: Chapter 6

(Serializing here the draft of my book, Biblical Law: Divine Justice.) 6. Far Away Let’s have just a moment of historical review here. So far as anybody can tell, among the current populations of Europe, the oldest occupants were Celts, … Continue reading

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A Little Scholarship, Please — Part 1

Most people have no clue. When I rant a rave about the difference between our perverted Western Civilization against that of the Ancient Hebrew, I’m pointing to a really huge shift in thinking. I struggle to get that across, despite … Continue reading

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ACBM: Notes

This is not to impress you with what I know, but to entice you into what you can know. Before actually starting to type the text, I had gone back and reacquainted myself with an awful lot of ANE stuff … Continue reading

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