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Just in Case You Missed It

Sometimes you have to state the obvious. It gets like that when too many people are chasing outright fantasies. Human nature is fallen; it cannot be amended. The only hope you have in dealing with humanity at large is to … Continue reading

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Teachings of Christ — John 12:20-36

Prior to the coming of Christ, the path of redemption back to Eden was quite demanding. Even for Israel, it was pretty tough. It usually meant studying the Covenant of Moses and seeking God’s face until the light dawned inside … Continue reading

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Addenda to the Bible Lesson

Ref: Teachings of Jesus: John 11:1-46 Let me drill down a little deeper into Jesus’ comment in verses 9-10. He said this as a parable about the Jews who threatened His life. Take a look at this translation (MKJV): Jesus … Continue reading

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I Am Expendable

Having said that… The genie is out of the bottle; we are not going to restore the privacy I had as a child. I was literally a nobody, and it would have taken quite some expense to track my history … Continue reading

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That Otherworldly Thing

Here at Kiln of the Soul parish, our religion is otherworldly. The proper generic term is Christian Mysticism; get comfortable with that label. And if you know how to talk about it, telling other folks that’s what you are will … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Cosmology

5. Cosmology Jesus spoke often of the Kingdom of Heaven. Within the context of His ministry, the term refers to what would follow the Cross and the end of the Kingdom of Judah. While Judah was a human political entity, … Continue reading

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Death Is a Reward

The otherworldly orientation is the only one that makes any sense given the full truth of things. A major element in the online chatter about the mosque shooting in New Zealand is the repeated question: How do we stop this … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 3:1-12

A case can be made for thinking that the dialog of Jesus ends at verse 12 and John continues on with commentary. John recorded his gospel in good school-boy Greek, a language that has few of the punctuation marks we … Continue reading

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Foundation of a Covenant Community of Faith

We build on certain premises: 1. God has revealed how the world could claim His blessings. The entry point for those blessings is the Covenant of Noah. Beyond this covenant, there is much more people could learn if they were … Continue reading

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We Know We Need It

Over at Σ Frame Jack has posted a couple of pieces that touch on the question we’ve been trying to answer for quite some time here. 1. Scott’s conclusions on courtship and marriage incubation 2. Called to return from exile … Continue reading

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