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Kiln blog: On Child Abuse

It’s long, but should answer a lot of questions about my position on lots of things. Teaser… God vests men and women with various types of prophetic gifts, callings and offices as part of the redemptive nature of revelation. That … Continue reading

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They Will Say They Had No Choice

Civil war, a revolution, is unavoidable. The biggest problem to understanding this is the false image of a two-party system. The elites have managed to keep the population distracted by a false dichotomy between left and right. While that may … Continue reading

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Keeping it Real

I’m hoping I can draw a rather complete image for you in terms of moral implications. It’s too easy to be drawn off course by propaganda. Let me recall to your mind The Cult. Let’s remind ourselves that it’s a … Continue reading

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Admin: New Project

While waiting for Tim to get his leased server space moved to another machine, and then to setup my blog with SAFARI, I felt compelled to start a new project. I’m hoping to reach a different audience that might be … Continue reading

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Orchestrated Chaos

Neither should you mourn nor celebrate the Brexit vote. Let’s return to the overview. The Cult has plans to enslave humanity. Not so much for the sake of power, but to prevent a genuine heart-led connection to God and His … Continue reading

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Only What’s In Your Hands

I’m posting this late in the evening because I had to let it percolate into my soul all day before I knew what to say. This is an issue of biblical justice, not doctrine. Indeed, the whole thing rests squarely … Continue reading

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Rattling My Own Cage

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cage. My last visit to the cardiology clinic was a little unpleasant. The doctor was not my kind of guy at all, fussing about my preference for natural supplements and my resistance to … Continue reading

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