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Current News Review 13

The current panic about the corona virus spreading across China, and from there to the rest of the world, is manufactured. The health threat is real, but only because of the long term malnutrition arising from cultural blindness. A polluted … Continue reading

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Take Your Ball and Go Home

The issue will be our refusal to fit into the mythology. I hope by now that regular readers will understand that the heart-led way of faith makes it impossible for us to fit into the left versus right spectrum. We … Continue reading

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Virginia Gun Rights Battle

For those of you interested in watching the dispute between the Virginia state legislature and her citizens regarding the 2nd Amendment, let me recommend the Virginia Citizens Defense League site. Side note: For most of the images on the site, … Continue reading

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But It Will

The impeachment of Trump serves no valid practical purpose. If anything, things seem to be headed for political disaster for those who pressed for it. Instead of working to subvert Trump by backing him into corners and forcing him to … Continue reading

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Lenin, Globalism and Babylon

This is worth your time: Leninthink. I won’t tell you that this essay is right or wrong, but that will enlighten heart-led people. It puts in concrete terms what Lenin actually did. He was the ultimate Thelamite, the very real … Continue reading

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Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous … Continue reading

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Current News Review 07

This will be short and simple, and somewhat generalized. We can see how the population of the US is being radicalized, divided into two sides harshly opposed to each other. While the underlying conflict is globalists and imperialists together against … Continue reading

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