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Why There Is No Valid Orthodoxy

Everything held forth as “Christian orthodoxy” is a lie. God revealed Himself. The context of that revelation was the ancient Hebrew culture, which includes the language and the intellectual traditions behind that language. Not the Hebrew language as a vehicle … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbors by the Word

This is a matter of Biblical Covenant. In typical Israeli parlance, “neighbor” meant your fellow Israeli. It was a covenant term in the Hebrew language, arising from the ancient assumption that you lived in proximity to your closest relatives. The … Continue reading

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Why Should We Care?

Radix Fidem is Christian Mysticism. We know that it is a rare calling; Our Father hasn’t led many people to embrace this covenant. That should surprise no one. Even though Ancient Israel was solidly presumed to be under the Hebrew … Continue reading

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It Will Be Bad to Worse

The right versus left paradigm is artificial, an artifact of Western Civilization. It’s based on the false conflict between male and female that arose from the Germanic tribal traditions, which posit a fundamental competition between males and females in society. … Continue reading

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That’s What It Takes

The Christian religion is the fulfillment of Old Testament religion. There is no significant difference between what they both require of us in terms of how we live on this earth, if you understand it from the original mystical approach. … Continue reading

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Guarding Against Jewish Self-worship

Judaism is not Old Testament religion. Judaism arose under the influence of Hellenism. When Alexander the Great marched through Palestine, he faced little resistance from those who had returned under the edict of Cyrus. It was just a remnant of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 11:1-46

This could easily be one of the most difficult lessons to understand. The ancient Hebrew people did not have a theology, per se. They had the Covenant of Moses which said very little about theology. Moses clearly believed in a … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 24:44-49

We come to the point where we jump over a lot of Luke because his witness is duplicated elsewhere. Indeed, the only thing left unique to Luke’s Gospel is right before the Ascension. During His last forty days on the … Continue reading

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What Are We Doing?

In order to say more about elders and pastors, it’s necessary to step back just a bit and review what they are doing when working together. Jesus referred to spiritual birth in John 3. But this wasn’t new; He honestly … Continue reading

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The Same God as Always

Our Creator has not changed since Creation began. There is a pernicious heresy, a conscious teaching in some cases, but a passive subconscious assumption by most mainstream Christians that the Old Testament writers didn’t really know God. Or perhaps they … Continue reading

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