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Antidote to the MSM 01

I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I am biased and I openly admit my biases. I don’t pretend to know what is in everyone’s best interest, only what I believe works for me. I want Trump to remain in … Continue reading

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Current News Review 18

Some short items… 1. Trump’s punishment for failing to take the appropriate action against globalists early in his term of office seems to include a collapse of institutional support. That is, the Republican apparatchiks are backing away from him. At … Continue reading

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Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous … Continue reading

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Current News Review 03

There hasn’t been a lot of new stories to discuss lately. It’s not as if nothing is happening, but this fake impeachment nonsense has been the excuse to avoid reporting real news. This year the Upper Midwest farm planting got … Continue reading

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Current News Review 01

This should become a recurring series. Greta Thunberg scolding the UN: This is what happens when you render your children unto Moloch. It’s no different from child trafficking in any other form — a waste of precocious talent. This is … Continue reading

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Christian Fake News

Using your favorite Internet search engine, look up the term “Christian news.” You’ll probably get a list of rather popular sites purporting to offer news stories of particular interest to Christian believers. Let me restate that: Mostly it’s news filtered … Continue reading

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Worse Than They Know

Pay attention to the news. Not so much as to see what’s going on around you in the world, but to see the madness as it sets in like never before. Don’t take from the news what they are trying … Continue reading

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Impassioned News

News that builds from passion isn’t journalism; it’s just propaganda. I take very seriously my assertion that this world is mere shadows, the reality is far more flexible than Western minds can grasp. And I take seriously that perception is … Continue reading

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God Wins

The tension is so thick you could cut it with a saw. That is, if you pay too much attention to the various commentators on the Net. So Comey warned Congress that Weiner’s email collection might force the investigation back … Continue reading

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Photography: Fire and River

Not much going on with photography right now, but there was a fire overnight on the route I chose for today’s ride. It was SLS Tires on the SE corner of NE 23rd and Midwest Boulevard. While it has changed … Continue reading

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