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Busted, Again

I made an update to my post about mysterious traffic. The problem is most likely something inherent in Linux when running on that laptop. I cannot possibly account for what that might be, but the Linux OS is doing something … Continue reading

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Mysterious Network Traffic

So I restored Linux to my laptop. I tried out Xubuntu and OpenSUSE again before I settled on Linux Mint 19.3. There were some gotchas on Mint, too, but I think I’ve gotten past them. One of the things that … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Biblical Law is the standard for human life after the Fall, and it stands until Christ Returns. It’s not that Biblical Law is inherently conservative or liberal. Rather, in our current social and political climate, Biblical Law appears to many … Continue reading

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Current News Review 11

First, a bit of good news: Oklahoma’s legislature plans to limit federal authority to grab our National Guard troops, particularly for purposes the state doesn’t like. The proposed law would hang on whether there is a formal US Congressional declaration … Continue reading

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Current News Review 10

I can’t point to any articles for this one; the issue is too subtle for that. Then again, maybe you’ve already seen it for yourself. I’ve often said that Biblical Law supports decentralization. More to the point, God blesses efforts … Continue reading

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Let Me Explain Myself

By no means would I pretend to speak for God; I will do my best to provoke your own encounter with the Lord of Creation. One of the greatest blasphemies on this earth is the notion that divine justice can … Continue reading

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Fix-it: Win10 1903 Update Breaks File Sharing

Short Version Once the 1903 update hit the Win10 computers my wife uses, the normal file-sharing setup quit working. This has to do with tightening security. If you have a significant number of computers on your network and you share … Continue reading

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