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Welcome to the Persecution States of America

The voices inside my head… On the one hand, everything you hear from the MSM about what happened in Washington DC on January 6 is a lie. On the other hand, this tells us what the globalist government machinery will … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Online Anonymity

Privacy is dead. Over the past year in particular, we’ve seen a wave of doxing — people who were placed in the spotlight as targets of social wrath. Some of the most innocuous things you can say publicly (online) can … Continue reading

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Funeral for the Red Pill

I’m hardly the only person to notice that, for those coming of age for marriage, America has become a social toxic wasteland. It’s bad enough that America is Western, with all the serious problems that can bring. Still, within that … Continue reading

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Like a Virtual Catacombs

Early Christians living in Rome were in a peculiar context. Their government was destined to increase persecution against their religion, and God wasn’t going to take Rome down for several centuries yet. This is not much like our situation in … Continue reading

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We Are Terrorists

Here’s what I actually believe about the vaccine push: It has very little to do with what the vaccine might do to us, and everything to do with a wealth transfer and government power. Big Pharma has long been a … Continue reading

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Tribulation: Just the Warm-up So Far

If you were to spend some time reading and analyzing the royal and imperial records associated with Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) rulers, you would begin to see a pattern emerge. The level of wisdom these men held is seldom matched … Continue reading

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Human Politics 04

So what is our threat environment? It’s not enough to note that the globalists are running the show, very nearly on the verge of completely hijacking the federal government. Doing so won’t do them much good; the moment they seize … Continue reading

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Oppression Has No Flavor

Surveillance is not the issue. The only time surveillance is a real threat is when the forces behind it are big enough to be a serious problem to those they snoop. But the victims of surveillance vastly outnumber the snoops … Continue reading

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Busted, Again

I made an update to my post about mysterious traffic. The problem is most likely something inherent in Linux when running on that laptop. I cannot possibly account for what that might be, but the Linux OS is doing something … Continue reading

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Mysterious Network Traffic

So I restored Linux to my laptop. I tried out Xubuntu and OpenSUSE again before I settled on Linux Mint 19.3. There were some gotchas on Mint, too, but I think I’ve gotten past them. One of the things that … Continue reading

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