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Expendable Baggage

In terms of my cycling mission, Trump is a disaster. He is walking back all kinds of gains cyclists and nature lovers have made in the past two decades. In terms of my information hacking interests, Trump is the least … Continue reading

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Last Flowers of the Season

This is likely the last time I’ll get to shoot blossoms until next spring. This particular shrub with the fuzzy purple flowers is the only one like it anywhere around Draper Lake, so far as I’ve seen. I glimpsed this … Continue reading

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The Limits of “Virtual”

I can’t tell people what to do. I can tell people how I decide what I do for me, and hope that gives you some clues so you can decide for yourself. Twice in just a few weeks, the Northern … Continue reading

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Colors and Chatter

This is the first good ride I’ve had all week. I decided today was the day to shoot all those flowers I see growing along the routes to Draper and visible from the road around it. I don’t know the … Continue reading

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Photography: Draper and Etc.

These are some random shots collected so far this week on my rides. First is the trees screening the river, now almost fully greened up. This is a sample of the clearing they are doing at Draper Lake in preparation … Continue reading

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Photography: Stinchcomb Wildlife Reservation

Yesterday was overcast and not quite 70°F (21C), and already the ticks are biting. This is going to be a rough summer for ticks. But it stands to reason I would see them first in a nature preserve like this, … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 08 Not Green

We do not worship the creature, but the Creator. Redemption through Biblical Law restores us to our natural place in Creation. There is a sense in which we return to Eden by passing through the Flaming Sword of revelation. It … Continue reading

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