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Woe to the Blasphemers

God acts more quickly and more forcefully against blasphemy of His name than almost any other sin humans commit. You can get that from 2 Kings 19, where the primary issue is that Sennacherib and his crew blasphemed Jehovah, within … Continue reading

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My Brand of Advocacy

I wanted to outline for readers what kind of cycling activity I’ll emphasize. That way if it’s not your cup of tea, you can stop wasting time on this blog. I’m not going to stop talking about what I see … Continue reading

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Try to Imagine

Typical is not necessarily normal. A critical element of heart-led faith, of walking by conviction, is that we are granted a stronger and more conscious connection to our own bodies. That’s a clear element in being more firmly connected to … Continue reading

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Understanding Miracles

Our Western Civilization is loaded with so much intellectual trash, it’s a wonder anyone finds peace with God. Still, it’s there for those who seek His favor. Along with everything else that comes with His favor is a phenomenon in … Continue reading

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Adjust Your Perceptions

You cannot know Christ without your heart. It may well be you are His, bought with a price, but you cannot truly know Him without a mystical encounter through your heart-mind. It’s not a question of sentiment, though it will … Continue reading

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Answering 08: Forget the Results

A primary emphasis in ancient Hebrew language was to narrate an experience in vivid fashion so that the listener(s) could experience it for themselves on some level. While there is an obvious intent to sway the listener by adding a … Continue reading

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Of Marriage and Curses

Adam is a lazy jerk. The typical masculine failing is clearly revealed in the Genesis narrative. Adam was lazy. It’s not as if he was unaware of the Serpent’s presence in the Garden, or that he didn’t know about their … Continue reading

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