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No Such Thing as Christian Nationalism

There can be no genuine Christian Nation, and the label “Christian nationalism” refers to something distinctly unchristian. If you understand the biblical doctrine of covenants, then you should recognize that there is a very large churchian population in the US. … Continue reading

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My Prayer for the USA

The will of the people is not sacred. Why else would Scripture give us the story of the Fall? Humans can be manipulated to desire things against their own best interest. Any government theory that rests on a popular vote … Continue reading

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Salt Shaker Required

It’s okay if you mark me as a madman, but I sense that people who should know better are slipping back into bad mental habits. Don’t criticize the riots; they are just a symptom. Don’t buy into anyone’s rhetoric about … Continue reading

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Current News Review 07

This will be short and simple, and somewhat generalized. We can see how the population of the US is being radicalized, divided into two sides harshly opposed to each other. While the underlying conflict is globalists and imperialists together against … Continue reading

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Current News Review 06

Another idiotic professor opens his mouth. The only reasonable response to such people is obvious: If you don’t like supporting rural people, stop eating farm-raised food. Stop using any resources harvested from rural areas. Stop visiting wilderness parks. All of … Continue reading

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Shape of the Threat

Back in 1977, I wrote a college paper with the thesis that humans under political organization can be prodded into doing some awful things. More specifically, you could travel across the US, polling each individual personally, and the vast majority … Continue reading

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Virtual Tribes

Just a reminder: I am a Christian Mystic with no recognizable political agenda. My outlook is prophetic; I’m analyzing what I see based on an otherworldly orientation. The only eagerness I express for various trends visible to us today arises … Continue reading

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Promoting Divine Truth

There is no room for anything resembling democracy in the Bible. There’s a reason for that: You cannot know God or His Son without first acknowledging Him as your feudal master. That’s the essential entry point into faith. The revelation … Continue reading

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Nationalism versus Nationalism

We live in a Western world, and it is our duty to understand it. Otherwise, we cannot offer God’s antidote to the failures of Western Civilization. Hear a principle of Biblical Law: Covenant trumps every other consideration. All Law Covenants … Continue reading

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With Fury and Wild Abandon

So to sum this up, the biggest threat to America is not any foreign agency, but the enemies within. It is my duty to God to seek some shepherd’s protection of the American people, and that means getting rid of … Continue reading

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