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Teachings of Jesus — John 11:1-46

This could easily be one of the most difficult lessons to understand. The ancient Hebrew people did not have a theology, per se. They had the Covenant of Moses which said very little about theology. Moses clearly believed in a … Continue reading

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We Are Babylon

Tomorrow’s election will change nothing. Just a reminder, the issue behind whatever folks mean by the word “racism” isn’t really a matter of DNA. Whatever human hostility is there arises from cultural differences. The differences in daily expectations we all … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Bad Mythology

As a younger man, I was captivated by The Lord of the Rings and the fantasy world of Tolkien. The author began his work prior to WW1, but the bulk of it was published around the time I was born … Continue reading

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Fear Not Great Evil

There are no masterminds. The people with power over us are not somehow gifted with brilliance and intelligence significantly above the rest of us. What distinguishes them is a serious lack of moral wisdom. They are damaged people, not supermen. … Continue reading

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Linguistic Cynicism

Just for the record: My use of Oester and Odin as symbols are a matter of semantic choice; it’s grammar in the sense of usage — what’s familiar to the broadest portion of the reading audience. One of the few … Continue reading

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A Better Mythology

The word “mythology” is associated with “mythos”: mythos: 1. Myths collectively; the body of stories associated with a culture, institution or person (see: mythology) 2. A traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people … Continue reading

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Divine Infiltration

We serve Christ, whose kingdom is not rooted in this world. At the same time, He has all authority in heaven and earth. Even when there was a nation under covenant to His Father, that nation refused to obey consistently. … Continue reading

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Network Civ: Games and Game

It doesn’t matter what you believe is morally right if you aren’t using it as the power to face reality. Your moral understanding has to account for reality in the first place. I agree with Dr. Helen’s analysis, as far … Continue reading

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A Little Scholarship, Please — Part 2

We are the bride of Christ. You can’t make a parable walk on all-fours, but symbols are chosen for a reason. The most manly shepherd in the Kingdom of Heaven still has to understand the bride’s perspective on things. You … Continue reading

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Basic Neurosis Removal

Neurosis is a moral problem, not a sickness. It amounts to permission for demons to harass you because you’ve rejected some element(s) of God’s moral justice in this fallen world. In most cases we could characterize it as attempting to … Continue reading

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