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Know Thyself

I’ve said before that you should never apologize for your sense of humor. Much of what we consider to be funny is actually hard-wired. There’s room for soul-searching, of course. There’s plenty that we can condemn as bad social conditioning, … Continue reading

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Only What God Says

Nothing matters except this: The revelation of heart-led faith and covenant living. Consider the implications of that commitment. Let me use an example that will touch you where you live: music. Aside from a very limited effort to test the … Continue reading

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So-called Christian Radio

Nobody is required to embrace my musical tastes. I’ve spent plenty of time in ethnic church meetings. The music varied in rather predictable ways. Even among predominately white church services, the music varies widely in style. Once you grasp the … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 31

1. Yesterday’s post was not meant to be cryptic. I’ll select one example to explain. You have news that Trump wants to pull out of Syria ASAP. You also might see reports from the various generals and civilian warmongers that … Continue reading

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Psalm 150

This is the end of the Hallelujah Hymns and the end of the whole book. It serves honorably to hold that place as the capstone of worship. Hallelujah! At the very least we should come to the Temple and praise … Continue reading

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A Sample of Music Nostalgia

Without droning on too long about it, my musical background includes southern gospel quartet music. I have since become quite a bit more discerning than during those younger years when I regularly sat down for a TV show called “Gospel … Continue reading

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Worship Video 03

Took a hike today and stopped to add another “Worship Anywhere” video:

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Down Time Today

Okies don’t do snow. That is, just a little bit of snow can bring everything to a halt because there is precious little infrastructure designed with snow in mind, not a lot of resources for dealing with snow once it … Continue reading

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Recommended Music

Either one of these should do the job. This is an entirely different category of music. Most people get it because it is transcendent in the first place. However, if you hear it with your heart, you may not need … Continue reading

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It’s Always the Right Time

All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:6 NKJV) This is an ancient protocol, something missing from our … Continue reading

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