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False Division between Sacred and Secular

By no means would I pretend to tell you how to vote in any election. In fact, I generally discourage folks from voting. God controls the outcome, and nothing any human does will change His plans. But feel free to … Continue reading

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He Enjoys Our Company

Faith is a question of perception, getting your head lined up with your convictions. The fallen fleshly nature rejects the leadership of revelation. By design, we have the volitional means to overcome the resistance of the flesh. We have within … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 08 Not Green

We do not worship the creature, but the Creator. Redemption through Biblical Law restores us to our natural place in Creation. There is a sense in which we return to Eden by passing through the Flaming Sword of revelation. It … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Bad Mythology

As a younger man, I was captivated by The Lord of the Rings and the fantasy world of Tolkien. The author began his work prior to WW1, but the bulk of it was published around the time I was born … Continue reading

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Answering 08: Forget the Results

A primary emphasis in ancient Hebrew language was to narrate an experience in vivid fashion so that the listener(s) could experience it for themselves on some level. While there is an obvious intent to sway the listener by adding a … Continue reading

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Controlling Obsession to Control

Obsessions enslave us. It’s a direct insult to God — poking Him in the eye — when you seek control over things He said were His to control. That goes for weather, climate and the earth in general. We aren’t … Continue reading

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Sensory Heart

As Sister Wildcucmber noted, the heart is a sensory organ. Indeed, once the heart is awakened, the rest of the body touches our world in a wholly different way. She linked to an article whose author does seem to understand … Continue reading

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Psalm 19

Modern Western man surely sees the beauty in nature and could perhaps reason from it to a glimpse of some divine hand in the vista. Ancient Hebrew man, along with men of every nation within a years’ travel, would have … Continue reading

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I Was Just Trying to Help

Let’s explore some of the implications of the Doctrine of Leverage and all my blather about Christlike charity and moral sacrifice. We understand the necessity of standing back and suffering the empathy of those who hurt without taking action because … Continue reading

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Moral Discernment

It’s never what I expect. That has never hindered me serving fruitfully, but it seems to be a given that I’ll be looking in the wrong direction when it comes. So I have learned to spend less time on developing … Continue reading

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