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Nothing Personal, But It’s Personal

There is nothing particularly virtuous, nor sinful, about activism. Start with holy cynicism and not taking yourself too seriously. If activism is simply a part of your personal character, then be activist. Do it because it’s essential to who you … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

Photographers know that sometimes the beauty is the whole scene, and sometimes it is some small portion hidden in the middle of a lot of clutter. I don’t choose the images; they call to me and I shoot. It speaks … Continue reading

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The Courier 09

Franklin waited with a blank face until the man was out of earshot. “Bess, what are their flight plans for the rest of their day?” She responded with a list that included the location of a key field commander who … Continue reading

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Spotlight in the Night

Let’s make some distinctions here. There’s not a darned thing we can do to stop the immense evil in Syria, in part because it’s all tied into the Satanic plans regarding Israel. The whole thing is a swamp and there’s … Continue reading

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Slo-Mo Tragedy

There’s nothing any of us can do at this point. There’s no way I could summarize how we got here, but on every level of moral consideration, the US has taken the wrong path since day one. America was doomed … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Nagging Memories

Teaser… There‚Äôs something troubling me. On the one hand, your sense of moral conviction does not reside in your physical heart. The lamp of spiritual truth would burn just as brightly if you depended on an artificial heart to pump … Continue reading

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Goons with Guns

Reminder: I’ve served as a Military Policeman long enough to reach supervisory positions. A big part of that job was securing facilities and controlling access. I’ve spent some years getting it wrong sometimes, but generally getting good reviews for doing … Continue reading

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