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Noah and Cultural Identity

A distinctive cultural identity is required under Noah’s Covenant. In essence, the whole thing rests on the divine calling. God calls every human on this earth to live in a certain place and create a mode of life that implements … Continue reading

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AI Is the Wrong Path

People talk about AI and the prospect of electronic sentience, but they have no idea. It was a tech support house call. When I walked into the lady’s computer room, her machine told me everything was alright. That is, it … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Human Rights

The modern Western concept of “human rights” is a heathen idea. It does not come from Scripture at all, though most Westerners read it back into the Bible. It’s part of this whole idolatry of The Great Man, the type … Continue reading

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Heathen Religious Wars

Let’s understand things in terms of what will actually work. Keep in mind that anyone who adheres from the heart to God’s Law will harvest a blessing of shalom. The difference is academic between God’s direct personal intervention and Creation’s … Continue reading

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Of Cattle and Sheep

Does it require an explanation so long and detailed that nobody will read it? The US health care system is a time bomb in the first place. It is broken and the fix is not what everyone imagines. If you … Continue reading

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The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

The single greatest threat to Americans is the CIA. This is a difficult subject because it’s so tightly woven into the very fabric of human existence. On the one hand, spying is essential to human government in our fallen world. … Continue reading

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A Little More Moral Economics

Trust your heart-mind for a proper moral analysis. The whole end of mankind living on this earth is to seek the glory of God. Just so you understand completely, it’s “seek” in both ways: We seek to bring Him glory, … Continue reading

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