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“Stand Your Ground” Principle Online

I don’t care what you think or believe. Honestly, it makes no difference in my life what calls to you. And what calls to me makes no difference in your life, either. If you choose to read my blather, that’s … Continue reading

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Accountability 01

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” A better translation would be “guardian” (Heb. root word shamar, to guard or keep). In the context cited (Genesis 4) it is related to the task of shepherding. Cain’s reply to God was a rhetorical … Continue reading

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How Divine Truth Works

God does not punish people; He punishes sin. People get hit with wrath because they are clinging to the sin He punishes. This is why it looks random to so many Westerners, because they simply cannot grasp the notion of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 18:21-35

The concept of social stability as a primary feature of shalom goes back centuries in the Ancient Near East, long before Abraham. A primary element in a ruler’s customary duty to keep that peace was to declare debt forgiveness at … Continue reading

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Let Me Know

I was born heart-led. As you might imagine, growing up in a world that denies such a thing, I lived a very tormented childhood. It was a wildly strange and twisted existence, where everyone kept telling me to live my … Continue reading

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Riding for Justice

Today’s journey wasn’t remarkable in terms of touring the countryside. With only one minor variation, it was the new Harrah Loop counterclockwise. The single variation was, after passing the SDA Academy and retirement village on NE 63rd, I turned north … Continue reading

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In strictest terms, to “orient” oneself is to face the east as the place of the rising sun. It so happens that, in terms of fundamental assumptions about reality, we would do far better to face the Ancient Near East, … Continue reading

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Proverbs 4

While we know that Solomon received his unprecedented wisdom as a gift from God at his first wedding (1 Kings 3), Solomon insists a part of his inclination for it came from his father, David. Thus, he reaffirms the critical … Continue reading

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The Doctrine of Leverage

Our doctrine is that changing human behavior requires leverage. Any leverage we might have comes from God alone. God may permit humans to chase a lot of different approaches for gaining leverage, but His moral character restricts His servants to … Continue reading

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A Critical Lesson of Job

Our lessons in Job will end soon enough. Most Western scholars miss the best parts because they refuse to consider Job from Job’s own cultural matrix. It’s not that I pretend to be such a grand expert, but that I … Continue reading

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