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Theology and Practice: Missions

Covenants remain the measure of all things. The mission of Israel was to be a covenant nation. Nothing else mattered. Their identity as the people of the Covenant of Moses was everything. The Covenant itself said that DNA didn’t matter; … Continue reading

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Honest Expectations

We know how Creation is wired; we know reality as a close friend and ally. While we do have a lore of this knowledge, it’s not confined to that lore. Rather, the lore is just a record of what heart-led … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 4:27-42

Continuing the same scene from our previous lesson, the Twelve came back out to Jacob’s Well while Jesus was still speaking with the woman. While they wondered about this highly unlikely scene, they kept their silence. She left her water … Continue reading

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Prepare for the Mission

Our plans under the covenant of Radix Fidem have nothing to do with growth in numbers. If that’s going to happen, it must come as a miracle of God. Our mission is to build an identity, even if we are … Continue reading

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Listen and Give

You have supported this; it wouldn’t be possible without you folks. In the past year ending in this coming March, I will have shipped or handed over six computer systems to people who needed them: three desktops complete, two laptops … Continue reading

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A Picture of Missions

In the decades following Christ’s Ascension, the primary means of spreading the gospel message was missionaries who preached in public places. In some towns that meant going to the local synagogue, because it was assumed that this was a pre-existing … Continue reading

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What Will It Look Like Tomorrow?

Consider how this virtual parish began. One introverted outcast mumbles to himself online and attracts a few others like himself. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew it couldn’t be back into the mainstream. The longer … Continue reading

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Carving the Carcass of the Fall

Over the years in my reading of scholarly literature about Church History, I’ve noticed a major problem with the literature. The whole sweep of Church History published in English, and even a great deal of translated works from other languages, … Continue reading

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