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End of the Kiln

The time has come: I’m shutting down Kiln of the Soul ministries. Feel free to steal that name. This has nothing to do with the Radix Fidem covenant, or either of my blogs. Anyone who contacts me needing pastoral guidance … Continue reading

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Write with Me

Fundamental assumption: It is exceedingly rare that our words will change someone’s commitments. We might be able to bring about a shift in opinions, but only in the minds of those precious few who are paying attention in the first … Continue reading

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Router Update

Amazon delivered our Pepwave Surf SOHO router this afternoon. The styling is totally bland, but the guts are a sheer delight. Not to say that it was easy; this is a commercial device, after all. I found a manual and … Continue reading

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Our Permission Not Required

I am a shepherd, called of God. Keep in mind that the Lord called people like Peter and even Judas into discipleship. The former finally took the right path, while the latter failed. Had Judas not betrayed the Lord, Satan … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 02

Ministries (1 Corinthians 12:27-31) Paul lists them as apostles, prophets, teachers, miracle workers, healers, support, management and communicators. While Paul enumerates them, it’s unlikely this list is closed. Rather, it likely reflects the way things were done in Paul’s experience. … Continue reading

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A Divine Mandate

I have a divine mandate, a calling from God. We all have one, so I’m not that special. However, my calling is pastoral in the sense of shepherding the people of God. Unlike most pastoral people, I don’t decide who … Continue reading

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Just So You’ll Know When It Happens

Another change is coming. As I glance back over the past year, I realize just how significant a change it was when reality shifted. That is, when God changed how He was going to execute His wrath on the US. … Continue reading

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