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Already Broken

I’m watching the action in Syria with some interest. I cannot support any of the combatants, but I can tell you assuredly that there would be no war there had not the US (and allies) sent so much money and … Continue reading

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The Essential Trust Factor

He said, “You don’t know me from Adam, but here you are out at this time of night, loaning me tools and you don’t know if you’ll see ’em again.” Unspoken was the obvious factor that he was black and … Continue reading

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Driving Is Not Fun

It was about a three-hour drive to my Dad’s funeral. While I love seeing the countryside out there in the northeastern part of the state — mountains and forests — I was alone and no one could take the pictures. … Continue reading

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Geeks’ Revenge (Fiction)

Geoff stirred and stuck his head down inside the sleeping bag. Turning his left wrist, he pressed the light button on the watch with his right thumb. Just a few minutes before 0200 hours and he almost chuckled at how … Continue reading

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Psalm 68

David uses here a collection of images and figures of speech we don’t see anywhere else. While we have no doubt that the bulk of his writing is consistently symbolic and loaded with parables, it serves well to tread carefully … Continue reading

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Cycling: Exploring between Harrah and McLoud

This was not intended as a full workout so much as just poking around areas I’d not seen before. To be honest, it’s not as if I really missed that much. I spent more time calming nervous yard dogs than … Continue reading

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Psalm 62

David dedicates this song to Jeduthun, a man who served him as leader of a choir of musical priests with prophetic gifts. This psalm is built on the image of faithful retainer, a warlord serving some mighty sovereign. Whatever David … Continue reading

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