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The Fixer 05

They had given up on that morning’s workout, and were changing back into street clothes. “Ned, when did your AI wake up and start working independently?” Ned had pulled on one sock and stopped for a moment with the other … Continue reading

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Hitting the Other Trails

My riding isn’t training. It’s how I play. Sure, I’ll push myself, but only because I want to play better, longer. I’m all about that sense of adventure and challenge. During the years I lived out in Choctaw, the eastern … Continue reading

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The Prophecy Stands

It’s time to renew the warning of my first prophetic message from ten years ago: God will not allow us to mess with Iran. I suspect some of the noise we hear about this is just tactical propaganda. We need … Continue reading

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Down Time Today

Okies don’t do snow. That is, just a little bit of snow can bring everything to a halt because there is precious little infrastructure designed with snow in mind, not a lot of resources for dealing with snow once it … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Samek 113-120

Here we have a dominion worthy of service. Even today we recognize the pride that comes with belonging to the winning side, so it offers no difficulty to understand the psalmist’s frank boasting in His Master. The entire octet is … Continue reading

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Already Broken

I’m watching the action in Syria with some interest. I cannot support any of the combatants, but I can tell you assuredly that there would be no war there had not the US (and allies) sent so much money and … Continue reading

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The Essential Trust Factor

He said, “You don’t know me from Adam, but here you are out at this time of night, loaning me tools and you don’t know if you’ll see ’em again.” Unspoken was the obvious factor that he was black and … Continue reading

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