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Covenants 03

There is a sense in which we could say that Law is grace. It’s hard to say how well the growing nation of Israel held onto their Mesopotamian culture and education, especially during their sojourn in Egypt. It would seem … Continue reading

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Covenants 02

All covenants presume a heart-led awareness. They are also fundamentally feudal in nature. Western minds reject feudalism. But then, the roots of Western Civilization brought forth a very materialistic feudalism that is definitely an abomination to God. It was based … Continue reading

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The Western Devil

God revealed Himself to humanity through a long path of ancient lore. Abraham came out of Mesopotamia, a land renowned in its day for hosting a vast lore of archives representing ancient religions and mythology. Some of that traveled far … Continue reading

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ACBM: Part 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — The Ancient Near East The academic definition of The Ancient Near East (ANE) includes a portion of the earth’s surface which runs from the Caucasus on the northeast, across modern Turkey and out to Crete, down to … Continue reading

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