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“Stand Your Ground” Principle Online

I don’t care what you think or believe. Honestly, it makes no difference in my life what calls to you. And what calls to me makes no difference in your life, either. If you choose to read my blather, that’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Biblical Law is the standard for human life after the Fall, and it stands until Christ Returns. It’s not that Biblical Law is inherently conservative or liberal. Rather, in our current social and political climate, Biblical Law appears to many … Continue reading

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The Drift in Reality

They don’t understand because they refuse to understand. Don’t be like them. God is creating a new reality; He invites our participation. He calls to us with warmth and longing, if only we would shift to a heart-led consciousness so … Continue reading

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Digital Scandal and Social Mythology

Divine justice is non-negotiable. Maybe you are aware of the big scandal involving a website known as “Ashley Madison.” The site is advertised as a means to engaging in adultery anonymously. There are plenty of such sites and services, but … Continue reading

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Virtual Virtue

The previous post shares my vision of virtual pastoring under a mystical religion. Contrary to the mythology of Western intellectual bias, this religion is intensely practical. It has to be; while anyone can absorb the teachings, the communion depends entirely … Continue reading

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Quantum Missionary

Quantum reasoning allows us to integrate fully our personality and character even as we operate on multiple levels in differing contexts. It takes away the Western compartmentalization that leads to neuroses and schizophrenia. The very same mystical ethics that keep … Continue reading

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Double Agent

It’s not schizophrenia, it’s roles within differing contexts. Online I am a pastor and prophet. It’s not as if I don’t do pastoral work in meat space, but it’s not the emphasis. The closest I come to that in the … Continue reading

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