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Contextual Law and Divorce

We struggle against a vast ocean of cultural bias against revelation. For example: Do you understand that communion and spiritual unity demands individuality? If you are not reaching for the fullness of your heritage in Christ as a unique individual … Continue reading

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Burned on the Altar of Mammon

A nuclear bomb creates a hellish mess. Then it’s over. With most nuclear weapons, the radiation isn’t really the point; it’s all about the destructive power. So while radioactive fallout is a problem, it’s relatively minor in comparison to whatever … Continue reading

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Law versus Law

We operate in a context of human laws that are founded on flouting God’s Law. The Law Covenants reflect the nature of Creation itself. They reveal the moral character of the Creator, and we should hardly be surprised that His … Continue reading

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Reprise: Moral Reasoning

We’ve picked up a crop of new subscribers lately. It’s time for one of those periodic restatements of faith. This time I’ll emphasize the basis for our moral reasoning here. Our fallen nature rests on trusting the intellect to handle … Continue reading

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My Father’s World, Part 5

Aside from Acts and Paul’s letters, we know very little about early spiritual gifts. In Corinth it’s all about glossolalia. Outside of Corinth, we hear most about prophecy and healing miracles. The historical records of church history since that time … Continue reading

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Scars on My Soul

My right knee is beginning to look like a roadmap. But scars in the flesh mean next to nothing in the bigger picture. It’s the scars on my soul that still bother me. Today I spent time with a dear … Continue reading

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Bureaucratic Cancer

Our modern bureaucratic coward is easy to trace as the final stage of middle class culture. Whatever it is communists mean by “bourgeois,” that’s not the right image here. It’s loaded with too many emotional and mythical ideas. Instead of … Continue reading

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