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Funeral for the Red Pill

I’m hardly the only person to notice that, for those coming of age for marriage, America has become a social toxic wasteland. It’s bad enough that America is Western, with all the serious problems that can bring. Still, within that … Continue reading

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Idolatry Refugees in the Church Marriage Market

Re: Sigma Frame’s Coram Mundo vs. Coram Deo Jack restates a question that appears often in the Christian Manosphere: Can women who were s1uts in the past, but then had a “born-again” saving experience, really become pure and undefiled? This … Continue reading

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Covenants 06

Epilogue: The Covenant God offers today has been the same since Creation itself. Now that we stand in the Spirit of Christ as our guide going back through the written Word, we note something important in the narrative of the … Continue reading

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Make Him a Hero

To the world, Biblical Law looks like legal obligations. To Christian Mysticism, Biblical Law is the grace of God revealing how things work in a fallen world. If you embrace Radix Fidem, then anything resembling teaching of law is just … Continue reading

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Is Biblical Courtship Possible?

Jack over at Sigma Frame has requested that I explain a comment I made on his blog that a biblical courtship is so counter to our Western culture as to be virtually illegal. More specifically, he broke it down into … Continue reading

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Only 41 Years?

Where did the time go? This is my blushing bride from June 1978. We were moving into our first apartment after the wedding. Babe, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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A Thought on Covenant Living

Keep mind the context here: We assume an effort to embrace the Biblical Covenant of Christ. Faith is the extension of Law Covenants, the goal of law teaching. Ideally, a man knows that his family household is his greatest treasure. … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice — Odds and Ends

(This is the last in the series before I turn it into a book. You can always ask questions anytime, but if you want any additional issues covered in the book, you need to shoot me the questions in the … Continue reading

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Treasures in a Far Country

Ancient Israel was an agrarian tribal society living in what we now call the Levant. The Law of Moses was specifically suited to that people, that time, that place. The New Testament pointedly says we are not obliged to copy … Continue reading

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Courtship and Longing

Courtship leading to marriage is a badly broken model. In a fully developed parallel society of heart-led awareness, there would be no courtship. Marriages would be arranged by heart-led elders, the people who know the couple best. Granted, the arrangements … Continue reading

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