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I tell ya, folks, I’m feeling more and more like an alien every day. Sometimes I’ll have a little spare time and read sites that claim to offer “Christian news” stories. Some are distinctly liberal, offering globalist propaganda. The others … Continue reading

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Yanking the Covers Off

Another dose of my madness… Let’s imagine that Israel is granted all she demands from the world at large. We’ve already seen historically that she is a bottomless pit. No matter what anyone or everyone agrees to, there’s always something … Continue reading

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Anything but the Truth

Just for the record: The most important thing you can do for yourself is discern your own sense of conviction. Religion is a human response to some unseen power moving in the soul. In our Western world, totally lacking in … Continue reading

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Klin blog: Don’t Count on It

Teaser… Context: I surrendered to the gospel ministry as a teenager. Then, I attended college (Oklahoma Baptist University) to study and train for it. I never made it to seminary, though I never stopped trying to study on that level … Continue reading

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A Rough Mental Outline of Evangelism

Let’s keep it simple. If you can absorb our most recent lesson in Psalms 119, you are aware that just walking in faith is itself a witness to others. At some point, you have to put words with that walk … Continue reading

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Moral Process

We stand on the rock of humility. When we come to heart-led faith from mainstream Christian religion, we have to shed a lot of bad mental habits. This is what Romans 12:2 means, because the mainstream is worldly, clinging to … Continue reading

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It’s Always the Product

Reading through the stories on Christian news sites is really depressing. Back when I went to teacher’s college in the 1990s, there was this trendy nonsense: “It’s process, not product.” When some of the professors started saying that about our … Continue reading

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