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All Human Governments Are Evil

There’s a cult I keep running into on the Net; I mentioned them years ago. It’s basically a bunch of flakes convinced that it really matters when you use all caps on certain legal documents. They have this strange obsession … Continue reading

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Chains as Weapons

This is a little long because I want to draw out all the implications, to ensure no one can miss what I’m saying. The USA is under God’s wrath. It will be destroyed very soon. Preserving and protecting the US … Continue reading

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How Covenants Work: Contextual Application

This article is based on another post on my other blog. If you understand that other post, then we can grasp that the entire world today is under the Covenant of Noah. A fundamental element in Noah is that humanity … Continue reading

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My Prayer for the USA

The will of the people is not sacred. Why else would Scripture give us the story of the Fall? Humans can be manipulated to desire things against their own best interest. Any government theory that rests on a popular vote … Continue reading

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Ordered to March

To the best of my understanding, globalism is anti-constitutional. Not just “unconstitutional” but a direct attack on what the Constitution means. The same is true of BLM and Antifa. Both of them are an acknowledged rejection of basic constitutional theory. … Continue reading

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Covenants 04

The Covenant of Moses was far greater than mere Covenant Law. The Covenant of Moses was founded on the Covenant of Abraham. It presumes a level of intimacy and commitment with God that is simply not easily formulated in human … Continue reading

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Why Should We Care?

Radix Fidem is Christian Mysticism. We know that it is a rare calling; Our Father hasn’t led many people to embrace this covenant. That should surprise no one. Even though Ancient Israel was solidly presumed to be under the Hebrew … Continue reading

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Unavoidable Trainwreck

I’m going to get into sooooo much trouble for this… I’ve lived amongst Black households my whole life. Anyone could see and understand what I saw. Black society is matriarchal. It varies whether it is blatant or concealed by a … Continue reading

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Churchian Talmud

There is a churchian version of the Talmud. It is a very large body of traditions arising over Scripture that are not part of Scripture. What most church folks fail to realize is that the Judaizers largely succeeded in their … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Cycling’s Dark Secret

There’s a dark, double secret you aren’t going to hear from cycling advocates. Review: All politicians are evil. The very act of running for office indicates an ambition that morally disqualifies anyone from holding that office. Good moral people do … Continue reading

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