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BOHICA on Encryption

First, let’s remind ourselves of the basic principle of government: Nobody has any business poking around in your daily life if they aren’t related by blood or covenant. That comes down from our Creator. So far as I know, no … Continue reading

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Trump’s Troll Army

Most assertively, we proclaim that this world of mainstream human awareness is a lie. It is absurd and only appears to make sense to those captivated within their fallen nature. As soon as you start appropriating the grace and mercy … Continue reading

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The Law of Networking

This is just a prophetic warning to folks who assuredly aren’t listening to God in the first place. First, a basic principle: The virtual world is not the same as the real world. What works in the latter doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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The Fixer 03

Ned’s employer was a senate staffer. Most people called him Tim, but his name was Tymek. His parents saddled him with the traditional Polish variant of Timothy in honor of his grandfather. Tim’s family had been involved in banking and … Continue reading

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Drug War and Propaganda

How many people reading this today can remember where you were when JFK was killed? If you are old enough to remember that, it’s just possible you might remember when the Gulf War started and our official involvement in Iraq … Continue reading

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Arrows in the Quiver

Can I suggest you take a look at this? To summarize for you, it concerns a report coming down from Department of Homeland Security distributed to various law enforcement agencies across the US. DHS is attempting to create a climate … Continue reading

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