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Let Me Explain Myself

By no means would I pretend to speak for God; I will do my best to provoke your own encounter with the Lord of Creation. One of the greatest blasphemies on this earth is the notion that divine justice can … Continue reading

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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 05

If you filled your memory with the knowledge about God, you would still not know Him. If you explored the entire universe and could analyze every detail, and all cause and effect, you would still not know reality. If you … Continue reading

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Job 42

Job confesses that God is beyond limits as He is the One who created boundaries. God’s divine justice cannot be thwarted by anything or anyone within Creation. Then Job answers the two direct questions God asked of him, in recognition … Continue reading

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Job 29

Universal truth is simply not within reach of the human mind, because truth is nothing less than the Person of God Himself. Rather, any knowledge of God is inherently contextual,and we dare not assume anyone else is obliged to accept … Continue reading

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