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Trustworthy but Not Trusting

If there is one thing that stirs me most deeply, it is watching someone betray the trust of another by humiliating them publicly. This is to me the epitome of senseless predatory behavior; all you could possibly gain from it … Continue reading

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The Three Satanic Pillars

Let me offer a little more explanation, based on some questions I’ve received on this topic. I just made up that term. In the past I’ve used the Trinity of Temptations. In that PDF document, I connect the Bible passages: … Continue reading

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It Will Be Bad to Worse

The right versus left paradigm is artificial, an artifact of Western Civilization. It’s based on the false conflict between male and female that arose from the Germanic tribal traditions, which posit a fundamental competition between males and females in society. … Continue reading

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Guarding Against Jewish Self-worship

Judaism is not Old Testament religion. Judaism arose under the influence of Hellenism. When Alexander the Great marched through Palestine, he faced little resistance from those who had returned under the edict of Cyrus. It was just a remnant of … Continue reading

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Shaking His Body

Try to understand this: The Lord claimed the Nation of Israel for Himself, His own family on earth. He raised them up through the bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but that was not their identity as His Children. Satan … Continue reading

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The Party of Holy Cynicism

When the Devil quotes Scripture, it has always been taken out of context. Satan is careful to interpret the Word correctly, but applies it to the wrong situation. In the case of the Temptations in the Wilderness, everything Satan said … Continue reading

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My Christmas Present to You

What follows is from me, my personal opinion on things. I do not aim to persuade you, but to provoke your own heart-led discernment. Feel free to compare notes in the comments, but this is not a debate. This is … Continue reading

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More Than Anything Else

Did you know that most of what Jesus taught was already on record somewhere in rabbinical teaching? He really wasn’t much of an innovator in that sense. Rather, He was fighting a dominant trend among the Pharisees of His day … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 11:1-46

This could easily be one of the most difficult lessons to understand. The ancient Hebrew people did not have a theology, per se. They had the Covenant of Moses which said very little about theology. Moses clearly believed in a … Continue reading

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That Otherworldly Thing

Here at Kiln of the Soul parish, our religion is otherworldly. The proper generic term is Christian Mysticism; get comfortable with that label. And if you know how to talk about it, telling other folks that’s what you are will … Continue reading

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