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No Such Thing as Christian Nationalism

There can be no genuine Christian Nation, and the label “Christian nationalism” refers to something distinctly unchristian. If you understand the biblical doctrine of covenants, then you should recognize that there is a very large churchian population in the US. … Continue reading

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The Real Normal

Revelation is inherently symbolic, non-literal parables. Do you suppose there might be a reason God’s first revelation to fallen mankind was to assert the truth of The Fall? That’s what that business of the Flaming Sword was about at the … Continue reading

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Serene to the End: Apostle John

Mainstream scholars are pretty sure John published the Apocalypse around 95 AD. Given what we know of the man, it’s a fair bet most of it was already burned into his awareness at least two decades before. Keep in mind, … Continue reading

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TMOC: Why Did He Do That?

We absorb God’s truth via His Spirit’s Presence in our souls. As one might expect, you learn the answers to your own soul’s questions. When it comes time to teach and share that truth, you need to know what questions … Continue reading

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