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Off the Cuff 02

This is surely connected to the previous Off the Cuff post. Yesterday something stuck in my craw, but it wasn’t anything my conscious mind could identify. Overnight I had some dreams that were indicative in the sense of a parable; … Continue reading

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The Humble Shepherd King

It was a high and festive day when King David brought up the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. He set up a proper Tent of Meeting in the courtyard. Keep in mind that the city was still rather primitive … Continue reading

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Trump Will (Accidentally) Destroy Israel

I’ve said that The Cult thrives on tension. You might imagine that some day it would hope to actually take over the world, but that’s not how it works. Since The Cult is a demonic presence so the whole purpose … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Joy

I continue revising my book about the Gospels. In regards to Matthew 9, one of the things I wrote was: Why should the Lamb of God neglect the observance of ritual fasting? The Law of Moses called for one annual … Continue reading

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Psalm 118

This is the final “Hallel Psalm” and we are altogether certain this is the one Jesus sang with His disciples on His way to the Garden of Gethsemane. It was originally composed as a processional and is plainly designed for … Continue reading

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Psalm 114

This is the second of the “Hallel Psalms” sung before the Passover meal. In Hebrew, this is the lyrical equivalent of a powerful appetizer — it is very small and simple, yet dense in satisfying flavor. These few brief words … Continue reading

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Psalm 74

Attributed to Asaph, it could as easily be simply someone from his clan who wrote this. We do well to remind ourselves that the Hebrew culture saw no reason to be quite so precise about such things. Nor should we … Continue reading

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Psalm 68

David uses here a collection of images and figures of speech we don’t see anywhere else. While we have no doubt that the bulk of his writing is consistently symbolic and loaded with parables, it serves well to tread carefully … Continue reading

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Psalm 67

David specifies that this psalm is best with stringed instruments. It’s easy to miss the profound thoughts carried in so few words. We should examine the contextual meaning of the phrases here. Even if Israel failed often as a nation … Continue reading

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The Cult, Part 2

Throughout recorded history, Jews have had a tough time with everyone else. That the rabbinate became Hellenized does not mean they were Hellenic. I refer to it often as a bastardized intellectual shift because it is not exactly a full … Continue reading

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