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Elder and Judge

Eldercraft is my term for the collection of skills and experiences necessary for being a biblical elder. We define “elder” as half of the leadership team described in the Bible as God’s Two Witnesses: priest and king. A biblical king … Continue reading

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Don’t Lie to Yourself

The greatest folly is believing lies about your threats. Satan loves to inflate our imagination about his powers. His powers are great, but not what popular mythology suggests he can do. But the same goes for just about anyone who … Continue reading

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More Expectations

I want to let you in on some more of my plans and expectations. You still have to decide for yourself what God wants from you, but I share this because it might ring a bell with you, too. First, … Continue reading

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Islam Is No Threat

I’m taking a moral stand. I run into this every day, it seems. It’s bad enough that I can’t escape the noise of liars in the mainstream press, and in some of the alternative press. But I keep bumping into … Continue reading

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