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Nothing Good from Any of It

The presidency of the US is already in some ways irrelevant to how we will live in America. Even before he took office, Trump made a deal with the neocon Zionists. Anything he’s said and done that may indicate otherwise … Continue reading

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Serving No Human Interest

The neocons overlap significantly with evangelical Zionist voters and influencers. Trump was catering to this audience when he ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani. He flat out lied about plans to attack American forces; the Iranians have been very … Continue reading

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Yet Another Warning of Doom

God has revealed how He operates in this world. You cannot hope to understand life until you embrace the heart-led way, the mystical approach to multi-level moral insight on reality. The Bible is full of discussion about how to understand … Continue reading

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Saints Will Tribulate

While the roots of our current brand of conservative versus progressive politics are grounded in the social mythology of Germanic tribal types — masculine versus feminine — it’s not that simple any more. The Cult has taken advantage of this … Continue reading

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End of an Empire

This is just me, my own personal ruminations. These brooding thoughts build on the basis of a solid prophetic conviction. Some years ago I became utterly certain that if America attacks Iran, God will grant Iran victory over us. It … Continue reading

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Salty Heart

I’ve often said of politics: We have no dog in this fight. Whatever you see on the political landscape is what politicians want you to see. It’s theater, deception, manipulation, but entirely bullshit. Most of the popular political causes are … Continue reading

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An End Is Near

Virtual, de facto, or plainly literal — it makes no difference. God reads the hearts of men. While His actions may seem slow on the human scale, He does not necessarily wait for men to act before He pronounces judgment. … Continue reading

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