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Threat: Web Assembly Language

This is not for the faint of heart, but you should at least be aware that Big Tech has foisted upon us yet one more way they can seize control of our computers at their whims. We’ve already seen how … Continue reading

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Router Update

Amazon delivered our Pepwave Surf SOHO router this afternoon. The styling is totally bland, but the guts are a sheer delight. Not to say that it was easy; this is a commercial device, after all. I found a manual and … Continue reading

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Quiet But Not Gone

I still can’t explain why I switched, and it’s not subject to debate, but I’ve been running OpenSUSE the past few days and I’m pretty happy with it. There were some gotchas, like not having installed by default the software … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 08

My ISP is Cox Communications. Their big ticket is cable TV, but I generally hate TV and our air reception is fine where we live. A while back I wrote a letter to corporate and begged them to stop harassing … Continue reading

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Microsoft Is Not Your Friend

Just a reminder that Microsoft is no better than the others, and has been at it longer than most of Big Tech. The story is that MS is back to their old tricks of buying out smaller outfits and either … Continue reading

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Own the Solutions

As the billionaires flex their power to censor the Internet, our strategy is two-fold. First is the issue of technology. They can hinder the masses, but they can’t stop everyone. More precisely, the cost of blocking the masses is relatively … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust Big Tech

I’ve explained at length and repeatedly that nearly all human government these days is evil. Some are, at best, less evil. So there is no hope for a good future coming from the hand of government. Your best hope is … Continue reading

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