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Seeing It Clearly from the Outside

It’s one thing to see clearly how the ideological clash between American nationalism versus globalism works. It’s another thing to recognize that following Christ means both sides are evil. By the way, it’s utterly reasonable to portray both major political … Continue reading

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“Stand Your Ground” Principle Online

I don’t care what you think or believe. Honestly, it makes no difference in my life what calls to you. And what calls to me makes no difference in your life, either. If you choose to read my blather, that’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Online Anonymity

Privacy is dead. Over the past year in particular, we’ve seen a wave of doxing — people who were placed in the spotlight as targets of social wrath. Some of the most innocuous things you can say publicly (online) can … Continue reading

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Earmarks of the Final Apocalypse

And why we aren’t there yet. I’ve been asked to expand on my comments about a final Apocalypse and what it should look like. There have been periods of tribulation on this earth. The term “tribulation” as used in the … Continue reading

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Like a Virtual Catacombs

Early Christians living in Rome were in a peculiar context. Their government was destined to increase persecution against their religion, and God wasn’t going to take Rome down for several centuries yet. This is not much like our situation in … Continue reading

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Tribulation: Just the Warm-up So Far

If you were to spend some time reading and analyzing the royal and imperial records associated with Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) rulers, you would begin to see a pattern emerge. The level of wisdom these men held is seldom matched … Continue reading

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Mass Surveillance Is Pointless

Why do I say that surveillance doesn’t matter? We are Christian Mystics, not criminals seeking to do the works of darkness. While we announce God’s wrath, we make no organized effort to motivate anyone to help that wrath along. We … Continue reading

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Don’t Fight the Wrong Battles

Biblical Law rests entirely on certain prerequisites. God requires a heart-led consciousness, and demands that humanity live under a biblical feudal covenant forming a tribal social structure. This revelation is a mighty gift of grace, putting to death all the … Continue reading

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The Google Net

Well, the wind has shifted. No, this is not about Oklahoma meteorology; this is about the direction things are going in this world. I’ve often warned that having a prophetic talent is not a matter of predicting what will happen, … Continue reading

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Human Politics 05

Be aware of the trends. Otherwise you can’t know enough to intelligently decide when to buck those trends. You have to count the cost of going your own way, and ensure that you know what you are getting into when … Continue reading

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