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The Power of Private Intel

The globalist agenda is directly linked to The Cult [PDF]. It’s the same agenda that leaked out several times, typically reflecting the long-term plans of the Rothschilds and other groups. Again, this is not Judaism or Zionism, but is deeply … Continue reading

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A Mystic’s Intel

There is a place for military-style intelligence operations in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s a pretty small one. As we keep saying, our whole point is exploiting the context for God’s glory. God gave us the brain’s intellect so … Continue reading

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Secret Insanity

I’ll repeat a fundamental principle: Reality is variable. I could as easily had said that Creation is living, active and has a will of its own. You’ve probably experienced and dismissed it in the past because our society places the … Continue reading

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Heart Mind

Just a quick note… Part of the failure of the various scientific approaches to understanding the heart’s neuron network is that they don’t go far enough. The secular scientific approach recognizes the heart has a very active and powerful sensory … Continue reading

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The Threat of Contemplation

There several kinds of human intelligence, several ways of measuring human intelligence. Despite the ocean of educational literature regarding the importance of encouraging development of synthesis of ideas, you will seldom see any evidence of synthetic intelligence arising from any … Continue reading

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