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Reduce the Target Surface

It should be obvious by now that the globalists are intent on disenfranchising everyone who isn’t one of them, in every way imaginable. Keep an eye on this: Everything we depend on for daily existence is being centralized. Amazon is … Continue reading

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Against the Sport of Bodybuilding

Let’s be clear: I have no problem with men and women building up their bodies. I work on that every day. There’s a problem with the pagan exhibitionism of the sport that worships a human ideal (idolatry). The human body … Continue reading

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No Real Value to Us

We have allowed people who don’t love us to decide what words and terms we can use to discuss things they don’t want us to think about. This is how propaganda controls thoughts, and it’s evil. The hardest thing you’ll … Continue reading

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Covenants 02

All covenants presume a heart-led awareness. They are also fundamentally feudal in nature. Western minds reject feudalism. But then, the roots of Western Civilization brought forth a very materialistic feudalism that is definitely an abomination to God. It was based … Continue reading

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No Going Back

How did America become so rich? It doesn’t matter if you want to say it was hard work or theft; the underlying single most important factor is materialism. We can narrow it down to a cultural orientation, the middle class … Continue reading

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Nothing Christlike about It

Let’s add some definition to yesterday’s post. In a covenant community, one of the most critical issues for leadership is watching out for actions that threaten the covering of God. We’ve discussed “covering” in this context before: It’s God’s protection. … Continue reading

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Semi-Apocalypse of Vaccination

Jon Rappoport gives us a nightmare vision of how the globalists are likely to proceed. I suppose he gets one thing wrong: His vision rests on a level of prosperity we no longer have. Still, you get the idea — … Continue reading

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Guarding Against Jewish Self-worship

Judaism is not Old Testament religion. Judaism arose under the influence of Hellenism. When Alexander the Great marched through Palestine, he faced little resistance from those who had returned under the edict of Cyrus. It was just a remnant of … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 09

First a little bikepacking update: Pray with me about the current situation. It’s really not about the planned-emic and quarantines. Camping on the ground in Oklahoma during the summer is very risky with biting insects. Their population is unusually high … Continue reading

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A Little More Insight on the Plague

Bill Sardis is cranking out the work. There must be an awful lot of evidence to wade through, because this particular article seems a bit rushed, lacking the normal solid editing his work shows. There are places where things are … Continue reading

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