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Only Your Convictions Know the Answer

How are we to pursue holiness in this hideous world? Only your convictions know. We passed the tipping point a long time ago, and that tipping point has thrust upward into a vast mountain. The gulf between our society and … Continue reading

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Don’t Surrender Your Kids

It’s all finger-pointing and blame-shifting. The teachers complain that parents don’t know how to raise well-behaved children. Parents say the teachers spend more time with their kids than they do at home, which makes the teachers the dominant influence in … Continue reading

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Archives Upload 1

As part of my evil plot to close the static website, I am uploading a couple of files at a time. These are selected and rewritten to meet my current best understanding, then converted into PDF files so they can … Continue reading

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Governed by Self-indulgence

Don’t be self-indulgent and allow yourself to operate like a six-year-old. When I describe the stages of human moral development, I’m offering a frame of reference. It’s a working model of how things tend to go. So when I say … Continue reading

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