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Covenants 03

There is a sense in which we could say that Law is grace. It’s hard to say how well the growing nation of Israel held onto their Mesopotamian culture and education, especially during their sojourn in Egypt. It would seem … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Christmas

Shall we celebrate Christmas? Short answer: It is not so much as mentioned anywhere in the Bible. The Hebrew people did not celebrate birthdays. The individual and immediate family kept track, but had nothing like the mental image we have … Continue reading

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The Prophetic Office

It should be obvious from Scripture that, while a king might have a court seer, the actual presence of genuine prophets was a matter of God’s provision. The difference between to two terms “prophet” and “seer” is not something easily … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Mark 12:41-44

There’s a very obvious meaning to this brief incident, but the story is far richer with the proper context. For once I’m going to link to an outside source with more details than I have room to share here. Please … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Booklet 4

4. We follow Christ. Jesus Christ as a historical figure was the final revelation of God’s moral character. Everything that departs from His teaching is inherently wrong. No living human — past, present or future — could claim to be … Continue reading

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Glory Is Not An Outcome

Don’t get tangled up in outcomes. One of the biggest, most persistent and pernicious lies in Western society is that objectives or outcomes are the whole point of our striving. God’s Word says that it matters not how things turn … Continue reading

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Psalm 83

There are numerous historical and geographical references, but this Psalm does not refer to a literal historical event. Rather, it’s similar in purpose to John’s Armageddon: a parable indicating a moral condition that never changes. In a series of Hebrew … Continue reading

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Psalm 81

While this sounds somewhat like the call to the Feast of Tabernacles, the whole seventh month (Tishri) is consumed in various celebrations following the olive harvest: Trumpets (1st), the Day of Atonement (10th) and then Tabernacles (15th). The psalmist mentions … Continue reading

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Psalm 80

Again, we note that “psalm of Asaph” is colloquial for the man and all his descendants, all who held his office following him. It matters here because this is almost surely a psalm from the Assyrian conquest of Samaria and … Continue reading

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Psalm 78

For anyone who operates on the moral level of the heart, it is thoroughly frustrating to see people walk away from that beguiling faculty of the Spirit. It is inherent in the most ancient roots of Hebrew culture to take … Continue reading

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