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Radix Fidem Curriculum 04

5. Jesus the Messiah When Christ began His ministry, a critical element in what He did was to call His people back to the ancient Hebrew understanding of the Covenant. A great deal of what He had to say is … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum 03

4. From Conquest to Collapse The Nation of Israel had a mission from God. They were chosen to live in such a way as to reveal that what God was offering was the best we can hope for in this … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind

Someone asked a question that seems worthy of a wider response. If one reader speaks up about being puzzled, a dozen more are puzzled without saying anything. If you do a quick search in English translations of Scripture for just … Continue reading

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Reviewing Daniel’s Statue

Review the prophet’s vision of the statue in Daniel 2. As with any proper parable, the image has meaning that branches out into all directions. It bears applications of divine wisdom to far more than one element in human existence, … Continue reading

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No Apology; Nobody Listening

There’s a lot of noise about defending Western Civilization as Christian. It’s not Christian, of course, but Western Civ has provided the platform for hijacking the label “Christian.” None of these scholars defending Western Civ wants to explain how a … Continue reading

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No Good Politics

In response to a query… I should have thought this was obvious by now: Jesus was neither conservative nor liberal in the context of His own day. In both religious and political terms, the Pharisees were the dominant conservatives. The … Continue reading

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04 The Lost Heritage

After completing the full loop around Draper Lake today, I stopped off at Daniel’s Hill. Removing my helmet and facing into the wind, I prayed aloud. “Lord, I’m grateful for the way You have carried me through all the long … Continue reading

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