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Make Up Your Mind

Someone asked a question that seems worthy of a wider response. If one reader speaks up about being puzzled, a dozen more are puzzled without saying anything. If you do a quick search in English translations of Scripture for just … Continue reading

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The Blood Is Sacred

First, I refer you to a couple of references: Genesis 31:25-35 (emphasis on the last verse) and Christine’s post about feminine blood. Second, I remind you that a great deal of Moses’ Law pulled in existing ancient custom and belief. … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Pe 129-136

We are treated to the Wonder of Moral Vision. It is as if someone came into his soul and turned on the light for the first time. Suddenly, everything was vivid and bright, and the world made sense. The psalmist … Continue reading

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Taste the Wind

The heavens record the glory of God; And the firmament declares His handiwork. Day unto day gushes with speech, And night unto night reveals awareness. There is no speech, and there are no words; Their voice is not heard. (Psalm … Continue reading

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Preparatory Notes on Proverbs

Outline: There are three sections. 1. Chapters 1-9: Solomon’s Introduction — He calls for his own younger kin to be wise, and uses the image of wisdom as a good woman who is seldom sought, and has to go forth … Continue reading

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Logic: Category Error

Someone offline asked for my explanation of Category Error. I’ve touched on this before. On this one I’m not happy with the way Wikipedia handles the topic, so I won’t refer to it. Perhaps my answer here will meet with … Continue reading

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