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Teachings of Jesus — John 7:25-53

We know that Luke managed to ferret out the details of Jesus’ birth and some outline of His early years. His gospel reflects this dramatic tale of birth in His ancestral home of Bethlehem, as a descendent of King David. … Continue reading

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The Cult, Part 2

Throughout recorded history, Jews have had a tough time with everyone else. That the rabbinate became Hellenized does not mean they were Hellenic. I refer to it often as a bastardized intellectual shift because it is not exactly a full … Continue reading

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Haggai: Intro and Chapter 1

Introduction His name means “Festive” — the only figure in Scripture so named. In 538 BC, Cyrus released the Exiles to return to their various kingdoms whence Babylon had taken them. The decree for those of Judah was generous, but … Continue reading

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