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Finding the Way

I’ve gotten some questions about a few things that, to me, are related, so maybe I can answer them all at once. Radix Fidem assumes a thoroughly different concept of what “Christian” means. The word itself refers to those who … Continue reading

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Just a Nutty Old Crank

This is my hobby blog. I have lots of hobbies. I’ve already mentioned biking, hiking, photography and social sciences. Maybe you are aware that I also love philosophy. I went to college a couple of times and got degrees in … Continue reading

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Long and Frequent

Frightening truth: Even if you do what’s right without Christ, nothing is accounted in your favor before the Lord. It’s not what you do; it’s always a matter of who is your Lord. Once He is your Lord, then we … Continue reading

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Guarding Against Jewish Self-worship

Judaism is not Old Testament religion. Judaism arose under the influence of Hellenism. When Alexander the Great marched through Palestine, he faced little resistance from those who had returned under the edict of Cyrus. It was just a remnant of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 12:44-50

This is where we ditch the myth of propositional truth once and for all. Despite John using his simple Greek grammar to express it, what Jesus offers here is a quintessential Hebrew mystical statement. It is a paradox, for God … Continue reading

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A Distinctly Christian Philosophy

I’ve rattled my cage long and often on subject of epistemology. The Ancient Hebrew mystical approach is not simply another one on the menu of options; it is the approach God cultivated in the minds of those who knew Him … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind

Someone asked a question that seems worthy of a wider response. If one reader speaks up about being puzzled, a dozen more are puzzled without saying anything. If you do a quick search in English translations of Scripture for just … Continue reading

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The Issue of Anti-Zionism

This follows on yesterday’s post. Let’s go a little farther with putting things in perspective. While I am anti-Zionist, I’m not a weapon aimed at Zionism. I’m not an enemy of the Jewish people (however it is you define “Jew”), … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 1

We have no good way of extrapolating backward from Matthew’s Greek Gospel to the Aramaic words Jesus spoke. Thus, we have to rely on Matthew’s choice of terminology and his knowledge of Greek. He was a cousin of Jesus who … Continue reading

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Center of Gravity

Numbers 16 made a dramatic movie scene: Moses spoke about how Korah and his buddies had defied God Himself, so their punishment should come directly from God’s own hand. Let the earth swallow them alive! And so it was. Do … Continue reading

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