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What’s Going On 04

No ride today. It’s not just the cold front and high winds, but I’ve got too much to do. That is, there is a pile of stuff I really want to read, and I’m way behind on updating my commentary … Continue reading

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Klin blog: Psalm 94

It stood as a basic assumption in Hebrew minds that God’s sense of timing was not like theirs. In the ancient protocol of the Divine Sheikh’s court, asking “how long” did not mean for them what it means to us. … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Theological Controversy?

Even mainstream evangelical theologians and Bible scholars recognize that Hebrew culture refers to the heart as the seat of the will, which is then linked to convictions. Before I moved away from evangelical circles, I already understood from my professors … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 88

The psalm is addressed to the Sons of Korah, but attributed to Heman, son of Zerah, son of Judah by Tamar his daughter-in-law (1 Chronicles 2:3-6). That’s a mouthful and it requires you remember the sad stories of Judah’s sin … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 87

This is a terse prophetic song. The Hebrew is difficult to grasp if you read it literally, and you would be in good company. Toward the end before Babylon laid siege to the city, a great many shallow minds and … Continue reading

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Zionism: Give It Time

So far I’ve managed to avoid painting a target on myself, in that I’ve not noticed any pressure from Zionists. If you’ve read much here at all, you know that I am no fan of the modern State of Israel, … Continue reading

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The Real Normal

Revelation is inherently symbolic, non-literal parables. Do you suppose there might be a reason God’s first revelation to fallen mankind was to assert the truth of The Fall? That’s what that business of the Flaming Sword was about at the … Continue reading

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