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Clay in His Hands

This was unexpected. Growing up in my Dad’s shadow, I learned a good bit about automotive maintenance and repair. I worked as a mechanic’s helper in a couple of garages. Up until I was about 40, I actually enjoyed doing … Continue reading

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Know the Facts and Pray

If you can appreciate a little intellectual exercise, maybe this will interest you: Tested ‘Positive’ For COVID-19? Be Sure To Ask This Question. It provides authoritative links and a video to highlight the issue — COVID-19 testing is inherently fraudulent. … Continue reading

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It Was an Adventure

This morning I rode my bike back to the shop where I bought it. I had arranged to have my head stem swapped for a variable one that would raise my hands about 2″ (5cm) because I’ve been having a … Continue reading

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Two Primary Issues

I just wanted to review two overlapping trends coming our way during this communist revolution: a vaccine and currency controls. First is that the so-called plague is not spiking at all; it’s only the propaganda that is spiking. So be … Continue reading

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Semi-Apocalypse of Vaccination

Jon Rappoport gives us a nightmare vision of how the globalists are likely to proceed. I suppose he gets one thing wrong: His vision rests on a level of prosperity we no longer have. Still, you get the idea — … Continue reading

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Current News Review 15

Here is a plausible study showing that the Corona virus was sourced here in the US. Rough outline: The genome of this virus has been traced back to the US. There are five branches of it and the root of … Continue reading

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Current News Review 13

The current panic about the corona virus spreading across China, and from there to the rest of the world, is manufactured. The health threat is real, but only because of the long term malnutrition arising from cultural blindness. A polluted … Continue reading

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Try to Imagine

Typical is not necessarily normal. A critical element of heart-led faith, of walking by conviction, is that we are granted a stronger and more conscious connection to our own bodies. That’s a clear element in being more firmly connected to … Continue reading

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Taking Another Break

I had an allergy related infection start at the back of my throat yesterday. I’ve been fighting it as best I know how. It did manage to get into my sinuses, but the sore throat I’ve kept at bay and … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 33

Got a new headshot. I’m still letting the hair on top — such as it is — grow as it will. But despite all my best efforts, the beard was not viable. It wasn’t just itching constantly. Even when I … Continue reading

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