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Time for a Breakup

The human instinct for tribalism is burned into our DNA; it is written into the very fabric of reality. So is the instinct for eastern feudal structure. However much we may feel moved to rebel against those in authority, we … Continue reading

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Expendable Baggage

In terms of my cycling mission, Trump is a disaster. He is walking back all kinds of gains cyclists and nature lovers have made in the past two decades. In terms of my information hacking interests, Trump is the least … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Cycling’s Dark Secret

There’s a dark, double secret you aren’t going to hear from cycling advocates. Review: All politicians are evil. The very act of running for office indicates an ambition that morally disqualifies anyone from holding that office. Good moral people do … Continue reading

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It Outlives This World

Never get confused by the published rhetoric: Zionists have always planned to steal Palestine by any means necessary to get what they want. Lying to the Gentiles (everyone who isn’t Jewish) is just a part of the method. Zionists recognize … Continue reading

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Current News Review 09

Once more: There is nothing we can do to stop the forward roll of oppression. That lies in God’s hands alone. It will not come with armed occupation; it has already begun in the form of voluntary participation through numerous … Continue reading

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Current News Review 07

This will be short and simple, and somewhat generalized. We can see how the population of the US is being radicalized, divided into two sides harshly opposed to each other. While the underlying conflict is globalists and imperialists together against … Continue reading

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Don’t Join the Herd

This isn’t really new, but it is a very eloquent explanation of what we always knew. In essence, the cross contamination between government and Big Tech is painfully obvious. Moreover, we have a clear declaration that the whole objective of … Continue reading

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