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Kiln blog: On Child Abuse

It’s long, but should answer a lot of questions about my position on lots of things. Teaser… God vests men and women with various types of prophetic gifts, callings and offices as part of the redemptive nature of revelation. That … Continue reading

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They Will Say They Had No Choice

Civil war, a revolution, is unavoidable. The biggest problem to understanding this is the false image of a two-party system. The elites have managed to keep the population distracted by a false dichotomy between left and right. While that may … Continue reading

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The State and Violence

Our Brother Benjamin offers this: Hi Ed. Stumbled across this article and thought of you… Governance, Kin, and Romans 13. I note that I am familiar with the writing of Bionic Mosquito. His emphasis is libertarian theory, but he’s a … Continue reading

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Down Time Today

Okies don’t do snow. That is, just a little bit of snow can bring everything to a halt because there is precious little infrastructure designed with snow in mind, not a lot of resources for dealing with snow once it … Continue reading

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Admin: New Project

While waiting for Tim to get his leased server space moved to another machine, and then to setup my blog with SAFARI, I felt compelled to start a new project. I’m hoping to reach a different audience that might be … Continue reading

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Divine Justice and Real Estate

Let’s clarify something else about Biblical Law — private property (i.e., real estate). Keep in mind that the fundamental assumption is that ANE feudalism is God’s design for human government. With that comes a certain amount of social structure. God … Continue reading

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Of Goats and Chamber Pots

Don’t follow the folly of this world. Matthew 26:52 is often misquoted. It’s a peculiar Western concept that one could “live by the sword.” It almost sounds poetic — live by the sword; die by the sword. But this places … Continue reading

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