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Get to Know Tribulation

Are you aware that the COVID-19 quarantines are a form of tribulation? Let’s define tribulation. The English word comes from Latin, and is based on the concept of threshing grain. It’s the action of crushing grain heads under a heavy … Continue reading

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A Ways to Go Yet

I’ve been asked: What would it take for a right-wing backlash to become “God’s work”? Simple — They need to be under a duly formed government. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, given our context. You might expect … Continue reading

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How Covenants Work: Contextual Application

This article is based on another post on my other blog. If you understand that other post, then we can grasp that the entire world today is under the Covenant of Noah. A fundamental element in Noah is that humanity … Continue reading

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Antidote to the MSM 01

I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I am biased and I openly admit my biases. I don’t pretend to know what is in everyone’s best interest, only what I believe works for me. I want Trump to remain in … Continue reading

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Ordered to March

To the best of my understanding, globalism is anti-constitutional. Not just “unconstitutional” but a direct attack on what the Constitution means. The same is true of BLM and Antifa. Both of them are an acknowledged rejection of basic constitutional theory. … Continue reading

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Let It All Go

I’m still convinced that we will see increased turmoil with the election. There’s really not much more I can say about it. The Lord is being very quiet about this now. In part, it’s because there are too many variables … Continue reading

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Review of Human Government

By no means should you agree with me on everything, or anything at all. But if you are going to keep reading this blog, you might need a map or outline of my thinking on human government, particularly in the … Continue reading

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Why Should We Care?

Radix Fidem is Christian Mysticism. We know that it is a rare calling; Our Father hasn’t led many people to embrace this covenant. That should surprise no one. Even though Ancient Israel was solidly presumed to be under the Hebrew … Continue reading

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Aliens Everywhere

Let’s consider for a moment some of the possibilities. None of this is likely, but you have to wonder why. It would be just barely possible to turn the US around without too much violence, if the mass of sheeple … Continue reading

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Two Primary Issues

I just wanted to review two overlapping trends coming our way during this communist revolution: a vaccine and currency controls. First is that the so-called plague is not spiking at all; it’s only the propaganda that is spiking. So be … Continue reading

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