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So-called Christian Radio

Nobody is required to embrace my musical tastes. I’ve spent plenty of time in ethnic church meetings. The music varied in rather predictable ways. Even among predominately white church services, the music varies widely in style. Once you grasp the … Continue reading

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Write with Me

Fundamental assumption: It is exceedingly rare that our words will change someone’s commitments. We might be able to bring about a shift in opinions, but only in the minds of those precious few who are paying attention in the first … Continue reading

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Conversion versus Spiritual Birth

Spiritual birth does not take place in this realm. It is a spiritual event tied to the Spirit Realm. You cannot pin it to a time-space location; it simply is or isn’t. It is a miracle entirely on God’s initiative. … Continue reading

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Honest Expectations

We know how Creation is wired; we know reality as a close friend and ally. While we do have a lore of this knowledge, it’s not confined to that lore. Rather, the lore is just a record of what heart-led … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 24:44-49

We come to the point where we jump over a lot of Luke because his witness is duplicated elsewhere. Indeed, the only thing left unique to Luke’s Gospel is right before the Ascension. During His last forty days on the … Continue reading

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Radix Nuntius

(radix nuntius — Latin for “root message”) The gospel message is not so much in the words of Scripture, but in bringing folks home to the God who made them. When Jesus spoke of the Good News, it wasn’t that … Continue reading

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Where His Footsteps Lead Us

Just a few reminders to help you keep your focus clearly on Christ. The Tower of Babel narrative in Scripture isn’t about Nimrod, as if the only problem was who was in charge. Nor was it about his brand of … Continue reading

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