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Spooky Gmail Stuff

Out of the blue, Google sent me a recovery notice using an address I used ages ago, that still automatically forwards to a current one on my static server account. I had no idea what I had on Google that … Continue reading

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Stop Googling

Let me recommend this Corbett Report episode. It highlights the long term plans and intentions of Google. Granted, there is a fair probability that Google will be hammered for any number and things, and may well be changed dramatically or … Continue reading

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Google: A New Form of Oppression

I suppose we can agree that Project Veritas is no different from the mainstream press in one sense: sensationalism sells. Any video can be edited to make an impression that is not inherent in the process they video-taped in the … Continue reading

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Google’s Latest Censorship Efforts

The “Health Ranger” has been known to exaggerate from time to time, but there is quite likely a basis in truth for his latest breathless warning about Google Chrome browser. I’ve been hearing just this kind of thing from technology … Continue reading

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You Can Skip This Post

If your time and attention is limited, this is one you can ignore. It’s just a few personal items that I feel the need to share with those who can take a moment, who feel a need to know. I’m … Continue reading

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I’m on the Map

This is totally frivolous. I vaguely recall seeing the Google Street View car coming by sometime after we moved into our apartment. It was still cooler weather then. Recently I noticed that if you view my apartment on Google Maps … Continue reading

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Crack That Whip!

Ever read that part in the Gospels about Jesus Cleansing the Temple? Wikipedia editors show their ignorance by leaving out the background stuff found in even the cheapest Bible commentaries. There was some ambiguity in the minds of the Temple … Continue reading

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