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Shining His Light into Every Corner

All sin must come to light. A critical element in our speaking and living the gospel message is how it exposes sin. Think about it: In our weakness and dependence on the Holy Spirit, through all of our failures, our … Continue reading

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Deconstructing 02

I’ve written quite a bit on this blog about the various differences between our American cultural assumptions and those of the biblical intellectual traditions. Rather than linger unnecessarily rehashing the details of this, let’s get right into some of the … Continue reading

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Virtual Plowman

We are called to shine the glory of the Lord. In an ideal situation, the whole world would be consciously under the Covenant of Noah. But we don’t live in that world; we live in something very ugly, something God … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 9:1-5

The background of everything in Scripture is always the covenants. In this case, a significant element in Jesus’ ministry was restoring the Covenant of Moses and all its blessings. Had the Jews been faithful to Moses, many of His miracles … Continue reading

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Covenant Manhood: Conclusion

You cannot compel anyone to follow you. The shepherd leads by his voice, not with a leash. People have to agree to your leadership, including your children and your wife. Creation and the Holy Spirit together will call people to … Continue reading

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Our Judge Jehovah

How do we apply divine justice to the events in our world? What shall we say when someone asks us, “Ain’t that awful?” Your only concern is what God calls you to do. Recall that Our Lord consistently portrays Himself … Continue reading

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More on Foul Winds

If this is your first visit here, you’ll probably struggle with a lot of catching up to do. This post is specifically for my virtual parish here, but the whole world is welcome to come and read it. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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